Burning The Internet! This 50-Yr-Old Model Doesn't Look A Year Beyond His Twenties

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| August 1 , 2017 , 17:04 IST

Chuando Tan is a Singapore based former model and currently a photographer and this near to perfect looking guy is not the age you are expecting him to be. A Singaporean former pop star, model and now a photographer — Chuando Tan, is making headlines and for all the right reasons.

Besides his perfectly flawless looks and chiseled six pack abs, he has become a “thing” on the internet.  Tan's Instagram account has some 1,60,000 followers, many who were staggered to find out his real age.

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And it’s his age which we are sure you will never be able to guess on your own. This extremely handsome and treat to the eyes person is much older than you think. Make that ‘much much older’ than what you might be thinking. This seemingly twenty-something-year-old guy is actually 50-year-old.

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Chuando Tan surely makes us wonder whether there’s such a thing called anti-aging. If there is, most of us would love to know his secret of retaining youth. We simply can’t get over his boyish look and geek glasses have never looked so good on anyone. Apparently, after a successful career in modeling, Tan decided to spend time behind the lens and took up photography, which he still continues.

However, with our 50-year-old Bollywood actors being cast opposite 20-year old actresses, we see no reason as to why he decided to take a backseat when it comes to modeling. Because as weird a thought it is, 50-year Chuando Tan is still much more attractive than men much younger to him. Isn’t it?

Check out pics of him below:


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