Sunny Leone Responds To Chris Gayle's Dance Challenge, Twitterati Are Loving It

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| July 19 , 2017 , 17:01 IST

West Indies cricketer Chris Gaye recently announced a 'dance challenge' for his fans on social media, and led by example by dancing on the Laila Main Laila song from the Bollywood movie Raees.

While he has been receiving plenty of response to the #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge one response certainly stands out -  Sunny Leone! The original star of the Laila Main Laila song tweeted her entry, sending her original dance performance on the song and received a personal reply from Chris Gayle.

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Chris Gayle, along with his dance on Laila Main Laila had posted on his Instagram page: I'll give the winner USD 5000 who do the #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge the best. Ladies, the challenge goes for you too...There's the video so make sure you're spot on as I am lol. #HaveFun I'll post the top 5 on my page and the viewers choose the winner. Remember to use the HASHTAG! Will announce the winner on the 24th.

Sunny Leone tweeted her performance:

Chris Gayle responded:

To which Sunny replied:

Twitterati loved the exchange between Chris and Sunny, view tweets below:


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