'Save Me From Becoming A Rapist', This Viral Video Comes With Strong Message On Right Parenting

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| } April 17 , 2017 , 19:04 IST
[caption id="attachment_256985" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Still From The Video Still From The Video[/caption] Keegan Pinto posted a heartfelt video on Facebook with a strong message for all our parents. The hard-hitting video features little boys who speak out to their parents to raise them by better examples of how to treat a woman correctly, so they grow up to be good men. They innocently say such heart-wrenching things, they plead their parents to save them from becoming men who 'Rape','Molest', 'Stalk', 'physically Assault' women, who treat women as they are secondary genders, men who hurt women without a care in the world. These boys come with a message that 'now' is the time to start with the change- a change of mindset, of behavior towards women. They ask them to treat women better in front of them so they would watch and learn. The video has a beautiful message that 'Save the boy child and our girls won't need saving.' It is the stark reality of our society that our women are not safe, not well respected and cared for. There are still some dark areas of this world where women are nothing but baby-makers or just pieces of flesh to be traded for money. Then comes this video with the great perspective- children watch and learn,  then they implement. If our boys were given better teachings and examples of how they should be around women, then no boy would harm any girl- today or tomorrow! Watch the amazing video below: How wonderful would it be if all the parents learned that they play a key role in what their child grows into and they teach their kids that a woman should be treated as an equal and should be respected. Our girls are strong, they know how to fend for themselves and our little boys will grow into caring gentleman if they are led by justified examples and lessons by our parents.

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