Ryan Student Murder: Horrified Renuka Shahane Questions Safety System In School

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| September 11 , 2017 , 18:57 IST

The whole nation was drowned in sorrow and shock when the news of a 7-year-old being murdered in the school washroom broke out. Like any other second class student, Pradyuman was also a lively child who was brutally stripped of his right to live. 

Parents from all around the country started questioning the school's capability in keeping their children out of danger. One among them is the known bollywood actress, Renuka Shahane who has questioned the so-called "International" Schools who despite charging sky-high fees from the parents are unable to ensure their children's safety.

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Renuka posted an emotional post on Facebook with the motive of leaving a powerful impact behind which is being highly appreciated. "Incident after incident points to laxity about the security of our kids despite the high fees in many "International" schools," Shahane said.

Renuka pointed out the many loop holes in the security of Ryan International School noted by her where the fatal incident took place. She wrote:

1) That the bus conductor or driver were allowed to use the same washroom as the kids.
2) The accused was allowed to carry a knife inside the school.
3) There was no female attendant from the school outside the washroom.
4) When the child screamed there was no one to help immediately.
5) The school management tried to cover up the crime
6) There was a huge breach in the school wall; no doubt a huge risk to the security of the school

During the entire fiasco, the school in question have not taken responsibility for the crime and at many incidences even tried to cover up the evidence. A bus conductor who admitted to killing the child for being refused sexual pleasure was arrested.

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Following the driver's arrest, two of the school's senior officials were arrested as well. The parents of the victim are claiming that the school management is trying to cover up a bigger crime and the true culprit is still not out.

Much after the case came into the public's eye, CEO of Ryan International Schools Group, Ryan Pinto issued a statement claiming that the School authorities are themselves the victim of unfortunate circumstances and are willing to help the police in investigations.