Pak Bowler Shohaib Akhtar Goes For A Major Makeover And Its Hilarious!

| June 19 , 2017 , 16:38 IST

While we were still having our share of fun over Pakistani player's 'Inshallah boys really played well' statement at the post-match press conferences and how at times they go a little weak with English sentencing, India just lost the finals on Sunday and things went dull.

But, well, we got our hands onto something which is certainly is funnier than anything in the recent past. There is a video of former Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar speaking at a backstage interview on Geo Tv with an extremely inappropriate amount of make-up put on.

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Yes! Akhtar, also knows as the Rawalpindi Express in Pakistan for his fast bowling, was seen wearing heavy foundation, dark eyeshadow and a visibly awful lip shade. And the make-up looks so in-your-face that its hard to avoid it even for a blink.

What's funny is the way Shoaib is speaking about how energetic he is completely unaware of how sparkling his face looks. Honestly, it's a laughter riot to see the man dressed up like this and social media has obviously not spared him for this.

The video has gone insanely viral and people are trolling Akhtar beyond funny.

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This also goes on to show how celebrities have the kind of pressure to look good on TV and forces them to do things that are completely unnecessary apart from the fact that daily trollers on social media get some fresh fodder for the day!

Watch below this crazy video featuring Shohaib Akhtar with the dark make up look!