Neapolitan Chefs Break Record For World's Longest Pizza

| } May 20 , 2016 , 15:58 IST
[caption id="attachment_191003" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Longest-pizza-Italy Image: Guinness World Records[/caption] In a yummylicious surprise, 100 chefs in the city of Naples in Italy entered the Guinness Book of World Records by creating world's longest pizza ever made. The record-breaking pizza that is 1,853.88 m long was made out of 2,000 kg of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes, 2,000 kg of fiordilatte cheese and 200 litres of olive oil, all of which was sourced from local suppliers in the Campania region, ‘the home of pizza’. [caption id="attachment_191004" align="aligncenter" width="700"]GWR-longest-pizza-naples Image: Guinness World Records[/caption] The chefs spent 11 hours preparing the traditional Italian treat and used five specially-made portable wood fire ovens to ensure that the pizza was cooked to perfection. The attempt was verified by Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi. The record was earlier created by La Pizza+1 of Sante Ludovico, NIPfood of Dovilio Nardi and Tomato World Week 2015 at Milan’s Expo 2015 world fair in Milan, Italy on 20 June 2015 for a pizza that was 1,595.45 m long. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook