Mumbai Cop Terror: Constable Tries To Mow Down Pedestrian By His Car

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| } May 2 , 2017 , 19:02 IST
A disturbing CCTV image came to light wherein a policeman tried to run over a man. In the video, it is clearly visible the poor man is hanging on the bonnet of the car and the cops, throwing all morals and caution into thin air keep speeding the car. They could have killed this man. All this over a monetary disagreement. The constable who was not in is duty uniform, has been identified as Ramesh Awate. The policeman was reportedly angry over the victim (Mr Atul Pathe) for not repaying a three-lakh loan and is missing now. The CCTV camera at the nearby shop captured the video. Atul who hung by the car's bonnet was dragged for a few feet but luckily did not get hurt. Check out the video below:

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