Meet Supercop Of Patna: SSP Manu Maharaj Steals Police Jeep Wearing Mask

| } May 21 , 2016 , 13:52 IST
Patna Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manu Maharaj, on Friday, stole the jeep from the police station wearing a mask to do a checking of the police officials activity. While the jeep was missing, police as well as driver of the jeep were fast asleep at the police station and were not aware of the disappearance of the Jeep. Also, it was Manu Maharaj who complained about the missing jeep to the police. [fb_pe url="" bottom="30"] Both the driver of the jeep and SAP jawan Bharat Singh were suspended. This is not the first time this happened, last year in December he went out on his bike to do patrolling of the city himself wearing a mask in his face along with his gunner at the back.