Have The Courage To Walk On 40-Foot High Suspended Pool, Then Houston Should Be Next On List

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| } April 9 , 2017 , 15:36 IST
sky-pool-houston_650x400_61491718668 A luxury residential building in Huston has found a seriously mind-boggling way to create a swimming pool. This swimming pool is suspended on the 40th floor of the building overlooking the city and it is extended 10 feet beyond the edge of the building. It is called the 'Sky Pool'.  It is like swimming in the sky with a bird's eye view,  as it is entirely made up of glass! To calm your nerves- the pool is built with a shatterproof 8-inch thick plexiglass bottom. But for those who are scared of heights, then you must stay away from this pool as it is sure to give you vertigo. For all you adventure lovers- take a look at the video of the swimming pool: Crazy cool isn't it?