A video By Bombay Diaries Goes Viral-Here Is Why This Video Is A Must Watch

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| } March 18 , 2017 , 16:26 IST
'The way she dresses, it looks like she wants us to tease her!', 'She is just a receptionist, she won't raise her voice against the boss's cheap advances!' Sadly that's how narrow is the mindset of people around us. Sexual Harassment- the scars of it runs deeper than most people understand, A comment a wrong touch, how it kills more than the confidence of a woman who faces it. What is worse is how people who have the audacity to make cheap advances towards women think that she is the lesser gender who will not raise her voice! Amidst all this, comes a video that the people all over social media are loving. 'Bombay Diaries' posted a video for International Women's Day - starring Maanvi Gagroo. In the rotten section of our society this video is like a breath of fresh air. With the tag #LetTheVoiceBeYours -In the Youtube the makers show how a woman who distressed because her boss won't stop misbehaving with her. She finally bursts out and confronts him- on which he threatens her! Harassment at Workplace, School, Homes, it's real and it must be stopped. How can anyone treat a woman like a piece of free flesh ready to be devoured?  How does anyone come up with an idea that she won't ever raise her voice? Times have changed and the women today represent strength. #LetTheVoiceBeYours comes with a message that now a voice will sore and that shall be of strong women of our country! (VIDEO)   Surely a great initiative!