A Job Has No Gender – A Passion Has No Gender: This Empowering Video Tells The World How!

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| } March 16 , 2017 , 12:31 IST
‘’A Woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.’’ – Diana Mariechild. Rightly said, but alas the female gender has always had the need to prove their mettle – To yell out to the world they stand strong and tall sans support sans backup! ‘’BLUSH’ came out with one such video in support of gender equality. With #kaamSeMatlabRakh as it’s initiative saying it does not matter if the person behind the desk wears a skirt or pants. All one should care about is capabilities not gender! ‘It’s a man’s world’ and in their world, it’s a shocker to have ‘lady doctors’, ‘ lady police officials’, ‘ lady coaches’. No More says this video! It slams down every mind that differentiates on the basis of gender . In this big bad world, a woman is very much capable of holding predicaments by its lapel and fighting it down. She is not a secondary sex anymore and she does not want special treatment just because she holds a position one thought was ‘too much’ for a Woman to handle . Yes a profession has no gender. Yes a skill has no Gender . The world needs to wake up and accept a work culture where both men  and women are measured alike.      

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