Wrestler John Cena Moved To Tears As Fans Gift Him 'Life Changer' Trophy [WATCH]

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| August 24 , 2017 , 15:04 IST

The multi-talented WWE superstar John Cena already is a professional wrestler, rapper, actor, reality television show host and also a life changer for his fans.

In a heart-warming video that has received more than 56 million views, John Cena is seen reading out thank-you letters from his fans, who tell him how much his 'never give up' message has helped them.

From overcoming major tragedies, life-changing accidents, depression, cancer and more Cena's fans thank him for being a positive role model in their lives and for giving them hope and inspiration. Unbeknownst to the wrestler, the writers of the thank-you notes, his fans, are watching him read their messages from a room nearby.

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As Cena finishes reading the notes, he is shown a video message from a young boy whose mother was diagnosed with cancer.  

"John Cena's message helped my family because I got his wrist band that he gave to me and my mum was having her six-hour surgery. I gave her that wrist band and told her to never give up. She's now cancer-free," says the boy.

After viewing the video message, the very same boy emerges from behind a poster, surprising Cena who warmly welcomes the boy and his mother as well. The surprise doesn't end there, as next the other fans that had written the thank-you notes also emerge to meet the great wrestler in person.

"Coolest surprise ever," says John, fighting back tears as the fans hand him a huge trophy that says 'John Cena - Life Changer'.

Watch video below: