NWI EXCLUSIVE: This Video Clears The Air On What Exactly Happened During Haryana Rajya Sabha Polling

| } June 17 , 2016 , 14:15 IST
subhash-RKANANDIn the wake of allegations that some of Congress' votes in Rajya Sabha elections in Haryana were rejected due to use of wrong pens, News World India reveals exactly what happened during the poll. ALSO READ | Haryana RS Polls Row: R K Anand Terms It Centre’s Conspiracy, To Approach EC Again The Election Commission on Thursday had called the two winning candidates -- Union Minister Birender Singh and Independent candidate backed by BJP Subhash Chandra along with INLD candidate R K Anand to show the polling video. In an exclusive video footage which News World India got hold of, it was brought to light the manner in which a ruling BJP MLA has behaved during marking his vote raises suspicion. In the video you can also see Aseem Goyal replacing the pen. You can also see that it had taken barely few seconds for other MLAs to cast votes, while Aseem Goyal stood in the polling area for too long. In the video, Goyal can be seen bending down way too much before registering his vote, which again raises suspicion. Watch the video here: After watching the videography at the Election Commission office on Thursday Congress, INLD and Independent candidate R K Anand said that it was BJP-RSS’s conspiracy and he will file another case against them. "It took other MLAs barely 10-15 seconds to mark their vote, but Goyal took 50-60 seconds despite being so young and having no problem in moving fast," stated R K Anand after watching the video. About the pen, Anand said, "It is not clear which pen was there and was it replaced by another one, how the pen made its entry, what was the condition of replaced pen, who kept it there is not clear from the video. But I believe that after Aseem's entry, votes were marked with another pen." Lawyer R K Anand had moved EC, alleging someone had changed the original pen provided by the election officials with another one for a while which resulted in some votes being declared as invalid. Congress had claimed it was a “conspiracy” by BJP-RSS to defeat Anand, a candidate backed by it, and demanded countermanding of the election to both the Rajya Sabha seats, while INLD had alleged that Congress leader B S Hooda and BJP were “responsible” for the 14 votes of party MLAs being declared invalid, leading to the victory of BJP-supported Independent candidate Subhash Chandra. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook

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