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Indian And Chinese Soldiers Clash In Ladakh, Video Goes Viral

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| August 20 , 2017 , 10:39 IST

A rumoured clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers on August 15 near Pangong Lakh in Ladakh gave a decidedly negative impression of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) as their soldiers allegedly used stone pelting at the Indian troops. A recent video which reportedly depicts the very same clash on August 15 has surfaced and gone viral.

According to reports, there were 2 dozen Indo-Tibetan Border Police personnel and around 3 dozen Armymen at the spot and the Chinese troops had similar numbers. The Chinese forces attempted to enter Indian territory along the banks of the Pangong Lake but were stopped by Indian forces.

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The scuffle between India and China continued was brought under control after a drill sounded, seeing both sides holding up their banners proclaiming their rights over the area before stepping back to their respective positions.

The clash in Ladakh came in the wake of an extended standoff between Indian and Chinese troops at the disputed Doklam plateau close to the Sikkim border.

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The army is yet to officially confirm the authenticity of the video, however, senior officials have admitted that the visuals in the video are in fact from the concerned Pangong area.

Watch video below:

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