Dreading To Get Married? You Must Hear 'Veere Di Wedding' Song 'Laaj Sharam'

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| May 21 , 2018 , 14:49 IST

Amidst the excitement of marriage and fulfilling their dreams, parents often ignore the emotional aspect for the to-be-wedded duo and keep adding tension to their already stressed life. So far, the trailer has established that the all-female-starrer 'Veere Di Wedding' is not a chick flick.

Nor are the girls featuring in the film belong to naive and pushover category of women. All the four leading ladies are independent, strong-willed but value their friendship the most. During their journey of togetherness lies a segment devoted to Kareena Kapoor's fairytale wedding.

Unlike most girls, her character is not very connected with the idea of getting married and dreads the festivities in fact. The recently released song of the film titled 'Laaj Sharam' aptly describes her mood. Fed up of keeping with the pretence of a typical bride, Kalindi is looking for getaways.

Be it shopping or her family's ample display of affection, the bride-to-be seems uninterested throughout. Crooned by Divya Kumar and Jasleen Royal, Laaj Sharam is the ideal song to explain the situation of every disinterested bride out there. Composed by White House, the peppy track is a must to hear.