GoT's Great War Is Here! Season Finale Teaser OUT [WATCH]

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 21 , 2017 , 17:24 IST

The popular drama series, Game of Thrones' seventh season is coming to an end and an interesting end nonetheless. HBO has given GoT fans, a fine clue in the form of a teaser of what to expect from the Season Finale. 

Jon Snow has finally proposed Daenerys and with their newly formed alliance, the couple is finally knocking at the gates of King's Landing. A white captured by Jon's suicide squad helped the good guys in executing their arrival.

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The trailer suggests that Finale will encounter the meeting of many characters in the show, some of whom only met in the first episode of the series. The Unsullied and the Dothraki along with an armada of ships will also be seen knocking at the gates of Cersei's kingdom.

The teaser has got all the GoT followers excited for the 81-minutes treat which will also be the longest episode of the show.