Boy Playing Basketball, Riding Hoverboard On A Skyscraper will Give You Goosebumps Right Away!

| June 18 , 2017 , 18:30 IST

If standing on heights isn't one of your favourite things to do, then this video might just not go too well with you. A video on Instagram and Youtube that has gone insanely viral and features a young fearless or rather adventurous guy standing on top of a skyscraper playing basketball and riding a hoverboard on the top of the building.

The boy is holding a selfie stick and recording his thriller act all by himself. While the video is for sure a breathtaking sight to behold, it involves immense risk and putting up your own life on such a risk for a mere video doesn't sound as cool as the video.

He is a Russian boy and is standing on a skyscraper in Hongkong shooting this video. In the video, Instagram user 'olegcricket' can be seen wiping the ledge since it was drizzling and then placing the hoverboard on it. He is then riding it while holding a selfie stick with a camera attached to it. Next, he's seen playing basketball and performing summersaults on that same ledge. He even rides the hoverboard and plays basketball, both at the same time.

The video has received over 4.6 lakh views on Instagram and on YouTube, the video has collected over a million views so far. While several people love the video, others have commented saying such stunts, which involve risking one's life, shouldn't be performed.

See the video below but on your own risk!