This London-Made Samosa Makes It To The Guinness World Records! [WATCH]

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 23 , 2017 , 14:35 IST

Indians are popular all around the world for their wild food eating habits leading to the creation of unhealthy yet tasty treats.

Indians have already smashed many World Records for creating giant revisions of delicacies but the latest record was broken in London, that too for the giant revision of an Asian snack.

A humongous samosa weighing 153.1 kilograms made it into the Guinness World Records on August 22 after beating the previous record of 110.8 kg samosa set by Bradford College in northern England in June 2012.

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The World's now heaviest Samosa was cooked by the double volunteers from the Muslim Aid UK charity at an East London Mosque.

Adjudicators from Guinness World Records were present at the venue to conduct required tests on the giant samosa and oversee the snack's cooking.Post the certification, an adjudicator congratulated the volunteers and said, "It’s an absolutely great achievement".

Farid Islam, Project's organizer admitted about being tensed before the decision's announcement. 

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“Initially I thought it would be a piece of cake: stuff it together, tie up the end and fry it. When I realized there was not a single pot in the country that could hold that weight, we had to get something tailor made,” he said. 

The samosa took around 15 hours for cooking and was distributed to local homeless via the Salvation Army in hundreds of portions.