Sitaram Yechury Compares PM & Shah To 'Duryodhana', 'Dushasana', Calls Them 'Pocket-Maar'

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| November 30 , 2018 , 16:53 IST

Communist Party of India (CPI) chief Sitaram Yechury while addressing the gathering at the farmers' Mukti Morcha at Sansad Marg, Delhi on Friday hit out at the Prime Minister and BJP's party President.

He compared Narendra Modi to Duryodhana and Amit Shah to Dushasana of Mahabharata fame and went on to compare Modi and Shah to pocket-maar.

Yechury said, "They talk of Ramayan, but forget about Mahabharat. Does anyone remember more than two Kauravas? Just like that only Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are visible."

Pointing at the Parliament Street Police Station, Yechury said, "It is this very police station (Parliament Street police Station) where Bhagat Singh was detained. Singh used a bomb to make a tone-deaf British government hear. If this government does not hear then there will be a bigger explosion. And we no longer need a bomb, we have a vote."

Earlier in the day, the CPI chief took to Twitter to bash the central government. He termed the Narendra Modi-led government as anti-farmer.

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Yechury tweeted, “Farmers are here to claim their due. Modi govt, the most anti-farmer ever, must go. They have time for fixing their big business cronies’ problems. Just a deafening silence on farmers. The new govt must implement proper policies that enable our Kisans to recover from the crisis.”