Katy Perry Posts Pic Of Goddess Kali And Captions It 'Current Mood', Gets Trolled!

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| } April 19 , 2017 , 18:21 IST
katy-perry Singer-songwriter Katy Perry made headlines after her recent split with Actor Orlando Bloom. Now she did something bizarre, that might have come from a positive place, but India did not take it so well. ALSO READ: Search COACHELLA Coachella 2017: From Selena To Lady Gaga Best Celebrity Looks From The Craziest Music Festival The star who dazzled Coachella in racy outfits, took to Instagram to post a rather unusual picture- she posted an image of Goddess Kali and captioned it 'Current Mood'. No wonder what mood she was in but it certainly angered a lot of fans, here in India. Check out the picture the star posted on her official handle:

current mood

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Soon after she uploaded the image, her comment section was flooded with trolls and comments showing how angry fans were. People really did take it badly as few of comments are seriously mean. It's funny though, how we Indians get offended so easily. If we talk of tolerance then it can be said, that people are barely tolerant. There have been so many examples recently. First, the comment made by Snapchat CEO about the app being only for the rich, the trollers made it sure that their message was delivered that they were seriously pissed off. It was pretty obvious when the rating came down from 4 to 1. ALSO READ: Revenge Against Snapchat: Indian Hackers Leak Database of 1.7 Million Users Secondly, when Sonu Nigam tweeted about Azaan and how he had trouble sleeping, his comment section was filled up with thousands of hate texts. Trolls and memes did rounds on social media like wildfire. ALSO READ: Twitter Slams Sonu Nigam After The Singer Comments About ‘Forced Religiousness’ And now this Katy Perry incident. The hate messages say a lot, it seems like we cannot wait to get offended, most of us don't even fully understand the matter and raise hell and storm!

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