Wireless Charging And No Home Button, Say Hello To iPhone X

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| September 13 , 2017 , 11:21 IST

Ending months of intense speculation, Apple unveiled iPhone X celebrating the 10th anniversary of Apple's smartphone at a major launch event in Apple Park, California on Tuesday.

Introduced to the world by the Chief Executive Tim Cook as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”, iPhone X features a radical redesign and new technology. The latest generation of iPhone’s flagship device is an all-glass device with an edge-to-edge display and no home button. 

Also, as speculated accurately during the leaks earlier, wireless charging capabilities have been introduced. The Touch ID Phone unlock system has been replaced by Face ID, that uses facial recognition software to authenticate phone users. The iPhone X pronounced as ‘ten’ also comes with a special infrared camera to make sure that this feature also works in low-light situations. 

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The Face ID technology creates a 3D scan of a user's face, using the "true-depth camera system" built into the top of the phone, and then uses that to log into a phone in lieu of a passcode or fingerprint.  

Another important feature of this new phone is the dual 12 MP camera with dual camera stabilization and a quad-LED, true-tone flash. The front facing camera of the phone also boasts of a True Depth camera array on the front with both a portrait mode and portrait lighting. The iPhone X's battery also lasts two hours more than the iPhone 7.  Another new feature of the phone is Animoji which will enable users to animate and change the facial expression of emoji.


Live from the Apple building, the launch event also saw Cook spend a few minutes boasting about the design, energy-saving features and public spaces at the new campus of Apple which was considered to be Job’s final product.

It is said that the point of any product is to meet a practical consumer need at an attractive price and Apple seems to be getting it right almost every time with iPhone. Introduced to the world 10 years ago by iconic Steve Jobs, the iPhone has continued to rule hearts of techno-world with its unmatched speed and performance and will continue to do so with models like iPhone X.

In addition to iPhone X, Apple also announced new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, new Apple Watch 3 which works independently from the iPhone and an upgraded Apple TV. 

The emotional beginning to the event with memories of Steve Job launching the first iPhone 10 years back came to a close with Tim Cook remembering his words:-

A fitting tribute to a 10-year legacy and a well thought beginning for the next decade –

Say hello to iPhone X !!


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