Instant Solution To Your Paani Puri Cravings Is Here! Engineering Students Invent A Unique Dispenser

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| September 13 , 2017 , 19:34 IST

Indians are infamous about two things, one is our unhygienic ways, which PM Modi is working on and the other is our spice loving taste buds.ur love for spicy street food is wacky in its own way.Our mind keeps scolding us for craving the stuffed

Our love for spicy street food is wacky in its own way. Our minds keep scolding us for craving the stuffed paani puri accompanied by the tangy and minty water but our heart wants what it desires. Everybody loves to experience much on such a delicacy and engineering students are no different.

The theory was proven right when a group of final year Engineering students from Manipal University of Technology, Karnataka who call themselves 'Electrofoodies' came up with a unique idea of creating a Paani Puri dispenser.

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As per a famous saying, 'Necessity is the mother of invention', the four geniuses Sahas Gembali, Sunanda Somu, Neha Srivastava and Karishma Agrawal also came up with this idea when they stopped to sate their own Paani Puri cravings at a local chaat shop.

Looking at the tired person serving the customer Paani Puri alone having not much manpower gave them the unique idea of inventing the dispenser.

In an interview with Bangalore Mirror, Sahas Gembali said, 'We had ordered our dishes, but he was busy serving everyone waiting in the line for panipuri. We realised that serving paani puri is a very repetitive and mundane task and this is something that needs to be automated and, in the process, we can tackle issues such as hygiene and sell panipuri anytime and anywhere."

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The dispenser works in a very simple manner. After punching a hole into the Puris, it fills stuffing in them and serves it after dipping them in the paani. 'Electrofoodies' are looking forward to launching the device officially on an international level.

The dispenser's popularity might lead to their availability on chaat stalls and cater to people with hygiene. Their invention got the group first position in the national finale of Ink Makers which was held at T-Hub in Hyderabad.