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Tech-Savvy China To Soon Go For 'Screen-less' Televisions

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| August 15 , 2017 , 17:48 IST

Many might not agree, but China is a more technology driven nation than any other. Where most of the Asian countries are still cash operated nations, China adopted the modes of e-payment as soon as the emergence of e-wallets.

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The next in line progressive step to be taken by China is supposed to be resorting to screen-less televisions. The reason could be the launch of three new laser projectors by China's one of the most popular projector brands, XGIMI.

These high-end "short throw" projectors are capable of intricating very dense pixels. The most popular of the three till now is said to be T1 which can produce 4K visuals.

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XGIMI's devices are capable of casting huge high-resolution images from just 7-inches away, which make them a great alternative to televisions. The sound system measuring 836 x 396 x 174mm accompany the devices.

Though the devices available can only be afforded by the rich strata as of now with T1, A1 and A1 Pro costing $11,874, $3,414 and $4,453 respectively, the innovation may create an anti-TV revolution soon.

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