World Environment Day 2017: Are We Doing Our Bit To Connect With Nature?

| June 5 , 2017 , 13:24 IST

We are celebrating World Environment Day today-June 5, 2017. The theme for this year is-connecting people with nature. But, are we really acting as responsible citizens and doing our bit for the environment? June 5 will come every year and go and themes will change accordingly.  What will we do?  Simply share a post related to environment or click a selfie with a tree in the background and post it on Instagram. 

It's high time we start thinking what damage have we to the environment. The change begins from you, remember that. Why not commit ourselves towards making a positive change and doing our bit for the environment? Let's contribute towards sustainable development and help conserve the environment.

United Nation has been celebrating this day every year on June 5 since 1974 so as to encourage massive participation and awareness about protecting the environment. The campaign has been successful in addressing various environmental issues ranging from global warming to biodiversity loss. This year's theme encourages people to step out from their homes and witness the beauty of Mother Earth. It simply calls for protecting and conserving the environment for our future generations. We all can contribute our bit, isn't it? Each one of us can plant a sampling or clean up our neighbourhood and keep the surroundings clean. Imagine this- every time you save water while brushing your teeth or taking a shower can be so instrumental for the future generations. The point is nature's gift to us is irreplaceable. The clean air, the fresh water, forests full of trees should not be taken for granted and must be used cautiously. So let's connect with the nature and take a call that we will protect our mother earth.

A big salute to the ones who are striving hard to protect the environment. Let's join them and celebrate this cause every day- in our own small way!