Windows 10 Cortana: Enables Users To Set Up Microsoft Using Just Their Voice

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| } April 10 , 2017 , 12:48 IST
windows-10 Much has been anticipated about the voice sensor virtual assistants, for almost 2 years experts have been working on them. But now, Microsoft's Cortana is here to change the game. ALO READ: Microsoft To Launch New Version Of Surface Pro 5 Tablet Cortana will enable the users to log into windows, connect to wi-fi using just voice commands. This 'windows Creators Update' allows a clean and easy installation and enables quicker access to Microsoft. Users will not have an option to mute the Cortana update, it will be like logging in from another domain, but keeping in mind how this voice assistant feature save same, no one will choose the tedious way of typing. One thing is for sure that this voice command feature is a step towards technologically advanced future, wherein things could be controlled vocally without  using typing features.