When Jugnoo Met Pokemon GO

| } August 6 , 2016 , 16:12 IST
[caption id="attachment_215366" align="aligncenter" width="700"]When Jugnoo Met Pokemon GO After setting the world on fire, 'Pokemon GO' bug has finally bitten Jugnoo.[/caption] After setting the world on fire, 'Pokemon GO' bug has finally bitten Jugnoo. To be in-sync with the Pokemon GO mania, popular auto-rickshaw provider app Jugnoo has integrated the augumented reality game on its platform, giving a unique chance to its users to catch Pokemons while they are travelling to their destination. "Pokemon Go is trending across the world and the nexus that we identified between our brand and the game is that - both have to do with travelling or be on the move," said Founder and CEO Jugnoo, Samar Singla. "Ensued by that, we saw an opportunity in this and realized that playing it in an auto could be fun." "Therefore, we decided to help our users to play Pokemon Go while riding in Jugnoo. Our latest update will show all the Pokestops and Gyms in the city, which will help users plan their Jugnoo ride while playing Pokemon Go," Singla added. The good news is that if a user has the game installed in his/her Android phone, their Pokemon mode would be enabled by default. So trainers, what are you waiting for? Now catch'em all with Jugnoo

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