WhatsApp Is Now Fully Encrypted On All Platforms

| } April 6 , 2016 , 11:40 IST
Enhancing the security of its 1 billion users, the instant messaging app 'WhatsApp'has made it harder for any agency or cybercriminals to break into its service with its news end-to-end encryption feature. Whatsapp web The app is now fully encrypted on all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and all other. This new feature ensures that every message, photo, video or data shared between users or groups on WhatsApp is encrypted from the moment you send it till the recipient receives it. To enjoy this increased security feature, all you need to have is the latest version of WhatsApp and the encryption will be on by default. With offering increased security and privacy to its users, the end to end encryption will pose challenge for law enforcement in the United States and around the world. The feature won't let foreign governments and U.S. agencies to intercept instant messages and voice calls, even with a warrant. WhatsApp chief executive Koum said in his blog post: "While we recognize the important work of law enforcement in keeping people safe, efforts to weaken encryption risk exposing people's information to abuse from cybercriminals, hackers, and rogue states."