Twitter Location Service Shows Jammu And Kashmir In Pakistan And China

| } February 17 , 2016 , 19:10 IST
twitterMicro-blogging site Twitter is slowly facing the heat for showing the region of Jammu and Kashmir as part of Pakistan and China and not India. Users can check location settings for themselves, if you type Jammu a scroll down page displays with suggestions for Jammu as part of Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir to be part of People's Republic of China. twitter jk This could be an algorithm error made by the team. Twitter has not given any clarification on the issue yet. It seems the problem has been there for a while with some tweeting the matter to PM Modi himself. In 2013, Google also made a similar error and received a lot of flak from the Indian user. The search engine giant accidently showed Arunachal Pradesh as part of China. The Google Map site for China showed the north-eastern states and Kashmir as part of China, too. However, when a user browsed Google Maps from India they were shown a different map, with AP and Kashmir as part of India.