Google, Microsoft Decide To End Decade Old Rivalry

| } April 23 , 2016 , 12:08 IST
mircosoft_googleGoogle's Alphabet Inc. and Microsoft Corp. on Friday decided to end their decade long rivalry by dropping the regulatory complaints against one another around the globe, including the European Union and India. "Our companies compete vigorously, but we want to do so on the merits of our products, not in legal proceedings,” Google said a statement on Friday. “As a result, following our patent agreement, we’ve now agreed to withdraw regulatory complaints against one another.” The truce was ordered by the CEOs of the two organizations, Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Google, who share a cordial relationship. The acrimony between the two tech giants began to thaw last August when Nadella congratulated Pichai on his appointment as the new CEO of Google. The ice between the two companies further melted last year when they worked to settle their long-running patent war involving nearly 20 lawsuits. Further, Microsoft resigned from ICOMP and Fairshare, two of Google's most prominient complainants, last year cementing the base for the new friendship.