Dell Launches Novel PC For Education Initiative

| } June 7 , 2016 , 18:49 IST
DellIn line with the Indian government's Digital India campaign, US-based computer technology company Dell announced the launch of Aarambh -- a pan-India initiative aimed at spearheading the use of personal computer (PC) for education. "Arming them with new-age skills, enhanced learning and the power of technology, we want to help mould young minds so they are able to find a firm footing in a Digital India," P. Krishnakumar, Dell India Vice President, Consumer and Small Business, said in a statement. The initiative was aimed at exposing students to interactive methods of learning in the developmental years to contribute to the well-rounded growth of a student. Through Aarambh, Dell will engage with three key audiences -- students, teachers and parents -- in a series of activities meant to build their confidence and familiarity with using the PC. The programnme aims to enable both parents and teachers to actively aid in the educational development of the child, while using a PC and create an encompassing ecosystem and supportive background for the child. The year-long project aims to reach one million students and 1,00,000 teachers across 5,000 schools; and 2, 00,000 parents in 75 cities across the country. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook