Apple Stores Get A Makeover

| } May 20 , 2016 , 13:59 IST
apple store-2Apple is ready for a makeover and this time it is not for this products but for its stores. The tech gaint is overhauling nearly 480 stores worldwide and it is starting the with its flagship stores located in San Francisco. The new store that was unveiled on Thursday features a 42-foot-long sliding door and conjures a 'town square' like ambience wherein people can gaze in through the store's large glass windows. apple store-1 The new layout includes an area called 'The Avenue', which is basically a row of cubicles along a wall called to stimulate the experience of walking from one store to another. 'Genius Bar', the area that Apple used for fixing problems in its devices has been renamed as 'Genius Grove' and is being relocated into bigger area to accommodate more people. Apple is also setting up cubes and balls in an area called 'The Forum' that will be used for educating people on topics like photography, music and other topics. apple store-3 The store in San Francisco officially opens on May 21 and the new look has been rolled out at stores in Brussels, Memphis, Guilderland and New York. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook