3D-Printed Rocket A Reality: First Successful Launch From New Zealand

| May 26 , 2017 , 15:23 IST

This Rocket Has Been 3D Printed

When you think of a space rocket launching into space it's likely heavy machinery, metals and extensive soldiering comes to mind. A Silicon Valley-funder space launch company called Rocket Lab is set to change all this. On Thursday, the company successfully launched the maiden flight of its 3D printed, battery-powered space rocket from New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula.

The goal of the low cost, 3D printed rocket is to bring down financial and logistical barriers to launching rockets in outer space, which is currently a costly affair. The location of New Zealand has also been chosen carefully, since the skies are relatively less crowded as compared to US and the country is positioned well to launch satellites into north/south pole orbits.

"Our focus with the Electron has been to develop a reliable launch vehicle that can be manufactured in high volumes - our ultimate goal is to make space accessible by providing an unprecedented frequency of launch opportunities," said Peter Beck, Rocket Lab founder and chief executive in a statement to Reuters.

The customers of Rocket Lab include NASA, earth-imaging firm Planet and other start-ups such as Spire and Moon Express. Two more tests are planned before the company opens for commercial operations, expectedly by the end of the year.