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10 Features In Google You Never Knew Existed

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| October 6 , 2016 , 14:27 IST
What if we told you, you haven't been using Google right? Well, you'd be shocked by these features you didn't know Google had. Check them out: Google Dashboard Google Dashboard The Google Dashboard is an encyclopedia on you. It stores all your personal information like, your active devices, Calendar, Backups, Contacts, Location History, Search History... everything! Google knows you better than even you yourself do. Saved Passwords Saved Passwords Accidentally saved a password by clicking 'yes' on that annoying dialog box? Don't worry. You can go to your Saved Passwords on Google and view all the passwords you have ever saved. You can also delete any saved passwords. Android Device Manager Android device manager For those looking a feature like 'Find My iPhone' for Android, this is it! The Android Device Manager will not only locate your device on Google Maps (which we can all agree are much more accurate than Apple Maps) but, it will also allow the user to lock or erase all content on their phones. Of course, you do need a working internet connection for the feature to work. Takeout Takeout No, it doesn't allow save all your takeout menus (we were disappointed too). The Takeout feature allows you to download selected or all your, be it Chrome, YouTube, Google Fit, Blogger, Photos, Hangouts, or even export a copy of it to your mail. Ads Personalisation Ads Personalisation Probably the one feature you'd love knowing about. Did you know that you can personalise ads for yourself on Google? Well, it's true! You can make ads on Search or YouTube more useful to you. Google creates a profile for each of its users, based on their demographic and interests, so you get more relevant ads. Recently Used Devices Recently Used devices With the Recently Used Devices feature, you can view which devices you have used over the last 28 to sign into your account and the current device that you're using to access your account.Not only can you see which device you had used, you can also view a list of places your account was accessed from. So, if you notice anything suspicious, like a device and place you don't remember signing in from, you can proceed with securing your account. Google Timeline Google timeline Did you know that your Android phone records all your whereabouts even when you don't know? Your device sends information about your location to Google Maps and it is at your disposal. So, if you wish t rediscover places you visited earlier and forgot to document, Google has your back. For all those users who like their privacy, you can also turn this feature off. YouTube Search and Watch History Youtube history This one you were probably already aware of. Google also saves the list of your searches on YouTube, separating the ones you've watched under 'Watch History'. So, if you forgot to bookmark a link or forward that funny video to your friends, Google has it saved for you. You can also clear your history. Apps Connected To Your Account Apps Connected We all know that rush to checkout that new app our friends won't shut up about... clicking 'yes', 'allow' to every pop-up. And, we all know the regret that follows. With this feature, you can view all Apps Connected To Your Account, that have access to information from your account and you can delete them as well. Inactive Account Manager Inactive account manager With the Inactive Account Manager, you can prevent your account from being terminated after over nine months of inactivity (yes, Google does that). Google allows you to set your own timeout period for termination and also has an option to alert you before your account gets terminated. You can also choose what happens to your data and who gets notified after deactivation of your account.

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