A Day After Karnataka Results, Still No Clarity On Next Government

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| May 16 , 2018 , 08:21 IST

The counting of votes in the Karnataka state assembly election took place on Tuesday, however, even a day after the results were declared, it is yet not clear which party will be forming the next government, whether the single largest party BJP, or the JD(S)-Congress alliance with the majority of votes.

As predicted in the exit polls, the Karnataka voting results were a hung house, with the BJP winning 104 seats, the Congress winning 74 seats and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda's party JD(S) winning 38 seats, neither party independently securing the majority of 113 seats.

While the BJP began celebrating as soon as the numbers indicated the saffron party had a clear lead, the Congress and JD(S) planned an alliance, under which JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy would be the Chief Minister and a Congress leader would be the Deputy CM.

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"We have 117 lawmakers, well above the majority mark," outgoing Congress Chief Minister Siddaramaiah told reporters after the meeting on Tuesday.

"We have all together discussed and decided this.... This is the opinion of the All India Congress party. Congress will support JD(S) because there is a hung Assembly situation here as no party has been given clear majority by the people," Siddaramaiah said.

After the Congress declared its support to JD(S), Kumaraswamy wrote to the governor saying that he had accepted the offer to be the chief minister.

"This is to submit to your good self that I have accepted the support extended by the Indian National Congress (I) party for forming the government. In this regard, I seek your appointment today evening between 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm," Kumaraswamy said in the letter released to the media.

However, the BJP will also be pressing to form the government in Karnataka since the BJP is the single largest party.

"I have taken an appointment with Governor, because we are the single largest party, so they must give the opportunity to form the government," Yeddyurappa told reporters on Tuesday, adding, "Myself, (union minister) Ananth Kumar and all our leaders ... we are going to meet governor."

The decision as to who would be invited to form government rests with Governor Vajubhai Vala, and there have been precedents for both options in the past. For example, in Meghalaya in 2018, Manipur in 2017, Goa in 2017 and Delhi in 2013 the respective alliances formed government instead of the single largest party, while in Maharashtra in 2014 and Rajasthan in 2008, the single largest party formed government.

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