Will Mithali Bring The World Cup After Kohli's Failure ?

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| July 23 , 2017 , 19:06 IST

Anticipations are getting out of control as India Women’s Cricket Team gets ready to make history in the world Cup finals on July 23 rivalling 3-time champion England.

Although India has hosted the game three times so far, it barely made it to the finals once in the year 2005 when they lost the cup to Australia by a far-fetched margin of 98 runs.

However, Indian women’s team has had a good track record in the 2017 world cup. In this tournament, India Women’s team has won 5 of the 7 matches. More importantly, India has already defeated their finals rival in the first round of the world cup.

The only two teams who have defeated the team have been Australia and South Africa.

Although England also holds a numerical advantage over India, having won 6 out 10 matches in the world cups. Both the teams have defeated star teams like New Zealand, Pakistan and West Indies to make it into the finals.

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Regardless, India has been fully prepared for any challenge in the finals this time. The team has had an impressive performance in the preceding tournaments.

Some players have also gained immense success alongside the world cup as Mithali Raj, the captain of the team crossed the 6000-run mark and became the highest run scorer in the women’s ODI. Indian striker Harmanpreet Kaur scored a stunning unbeaten 171 against the six-time world cup champion in semi-finals.

India needs to keep their astonishing performance at its peak until they lift the maiden World Cup. If the Indian Women’s Cricket Team wins, they will not only make history winning their first world cup ever, but they will also become one of the four teams to have ever won the world champion title.

Their victory will also come as a relief after the vile loss of men’s cricket to arch enemy Pakistan in the World Cup Finals.

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