Tennis Player, Serena Williams Feeling Rejuvenated Due To Pregnancy, Ready To Play Australian Open

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| August 16 , 2017 , 19:22 IST

Unlike any usual pregnant women, who are mostly tired, sleepy and if not anything, throwing fit for no reasons, Serena Williams rejuvenated and all ready to defend Australian Open's title in January.

36-year-old tennis player is expecting her first child next month with her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian. While being interviewed during pregnancy, Serena has expressed her desire to play in Melbourne. "It's the most outrageous plan," she said.

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Williams added, "I just want to put that out there. That's, like, three months after I give birth. I'm not walking anything back, but I'm just saying it's pretty intense."

Serena Williams confessed of turning a blind eye to tennis world during her entire pregnancy but now she's eying Margaret Court's record of 24 Grand Slam titles. She's already won her 23rd in January at the Australian Open.

Serena said, "Obviously, if I have a chance to go out there and catch up with Margaret, I am not going to pass that up." She further added, "If anything, this pregnancy has given me a new power."

Williams has a 'love-hate relationship' with the idea of power. She accepted of being irritated when her skill and strategy are over-looked.

"As I've gotten older I've started to feel differently about it. Power is beauty. Strength is beauty. So now on the court I want people to think that I'm powerful," Serena Williams admitted.

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Her idea of determination on court is often anticipated as her mean attitude, which often shocks her. She disclosed, "I feel like people think I'm mean."

She further added, "Really tough and really mean and really street. I believe that the other girls in the locker room will say, 'Serena's really nice.' But Maria Sharapova, who might not talk to anybody, might be perceived by the public as nicer. Why is that? Because I'm black and so I look mean."

Serena Williams admitted that her need to be extra nice to people is associated with her colour, "That's the society we live in. That's life. They say African-Americans have to be twice as good, especially women."