Mohammad Hafeez In Trouble For Criticising ICC Rules, Receives Notice From PCB

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| May 19 , 2018 , 18:58 IST

The experienced all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez's outburst over International Cricket Council (ICC) rules during suspected illegal bowling actions has landed him in trouble. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has issued a notice to the cricketer seeking an explanation of his comments.

As per a source in the board, the PCB is not happy with the comments made by Hafeez in his interview to BBC Urdu which breached his central contract's code of conduct. The player has so far appeared in 50 Tests, 200 ODIs and 81 T20 Internationals.

For the uninitiated, Hafeez had lashed out at the implementation of rules on bowling action post his bowling action was cleared for the third time in three years after a bowling assessment test by the ICC.

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"There are so many things influencing [who gets called for suspect actions], it has a lot to do with the power of [some] boards and nobody wants to take them on," Hafeez had accused. The all-rounder alleged people of having soft corners and relations which no one wants to spoil. 

"What I say is, why not implement the rule and get every bowler in the world to go through [the testing process]. What's the difficulty in that?" he asked. Upon being contacted, Hafeez confirmed that the required permission was taken from the PCB before giving the interview.

He further implied that from his an hour-long interview, everyone is focusing on mere 15 seconds. "So I have my doubts about this [calling system]. This is suspicious, why are match referees or on-field umpires not able to see those flexing up to 35 but me with 16 degrees?" Hafeez had said.

"People should read the entire interview and see what context things were said not just focus on a few lines," he requested. Hafeez is fighting to regain his place in the Pakistan team due to which he underwent a re-assessment of his bowling action at the Loughborough University in England last month.