MCC World Cricket Council To Speed Up Test Cricket, Suggests To Use Shot Clock Plan

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| March 14 , 2019 , 10:57 IST

The MCC World Cricket Council came up with a wide range of recommendations on Wednesday to make Test cricket spectator-friendly. One of them was to use the shot clock in Test cricket in a bid to speed up the five-day game.

ICC’s statistics revealed that since May 2018 over rates were the lowest in the eleven years that they had been measured, at 13.77 per hour. 25% of fans from England, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa, who were surveyed, mentioned slow over rates as the barrier for them attending Test cricket. Keeping this in mind, MCC has proposed a countdown clock.

The committee also recommended the use of a standard red ball for the forthcoming World Test championships, beginning with West Indies hosting India in July 2019.

The World Test Championship begins after the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. The MCC World Cricket committee felt that it would benefit the Championship for a standard ball to be used in these matches, except for those played as day/night matches.

The recommendations will now be put forward to the International Cricket Committee (ICC) for further considerations. It would be for the ICC to choose which ball is most suitable, with the committee stressing that the balance between bat and ball is crucial.

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The committee, made up of current and former international players and umpires, meets twice yearly to discuss issues in the game. Their suggestions are considered by the ICC cricket committee before recommendations are put to a general meeting of the world governing body.

The MCC committee also said the introduction of free hits for bowling no-balls could speed up the long format while providing entertainment for the fans. The system is already in use in white ball cricket.