Jindal Panther Wins Baroda Cup 2016 Finals

| } December 11 , 2016 , 17:00 IST
[caption id="attachment_238727" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Jindal Panther Emerges Winner In Baroda Cup 2016 Finals Jindal Panther Emerges Winner In Baroda Cup 2016 Finals[/caption] Jindal Panther polo team today won the Baroda Cup 2016 when it beat Rajnigandha Achievers polo team with 7 goals to 6 respectively, winning its 6th cup of the Delhi Polo season 2016. The riveting game was neck-to-neck as each Chukker saw both teams playing their finest. In the first Chukker, Rajnigandha Achievers were leading by 2 goals when Jindal Panther were at 0 goals. ALSO READ: Baroda Cup 2016: Jindal Panther, Rajnigandhi Achievers To Clash in Finals However, in the second Chukker, Jindal Panther picked up speed and matched Rajnigandha Achievers score of 2 goals resulting in a tie between both teams with both teams having scored 2 goals each. The third Chukker of the enthralling match saw Rajnigandha Achievers inch one goal past Jindal Panther as they secured 4 goals and Jindal Panther scored 3 goals. ALSO READ: Jindal Panther Polo Team Wins Col Girdhari Singh Memorial Cup Final In the final 4th Chukker, Jindal Panther polo team captained by Naveen Jindal and starring Simran Shergill, Raghav Rao and Ricardo Nunes showed their magic as they beat Rajnigandha Achievers with a total of 7 goals to 6 and won the Baroda Cup 2016. On a winning streak, Jindal Panther has won 5 previous cups in the Delhi Polo season 2016 itself, which along with the Baroda Cup raises their grand total to 6 cups.