Haryana Sports Minister Slams Manu Bhaker For Her Jibe At Haryana Govt Over Prize Money

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| January 5 , 2019 , 18:31 IST

A war of words broke out between India’s teenage shooting prodigy Manu Bhaker and Haryana sports minister Anil Vij on Friday after the shooter tweeted a post about the government’s unkept promise of a cash reward.

In the tweet, she asked the government on the authenticity of a cash prize of Rs 2 crore for her Youth Olympics gold medal in October 2018 that was promised to her by Vij. But it did not sit well with the Haryana sports minister.

In a series of tweets, Vij wrote that Bhaker should have confirmed with the sports department about the issue rather than going public. “Manu Bhaker should have first confirmed it from the Sports Deptt. before going to the public domain. It is disgusting to denounce a State Govt which is giving the highest awards in the Country. Bhaker will will will get 2 crores as tweeted by me and as per notification at that time,” he said in a tweet.

He further went on to add that the 16-year-old shooter should apologise for her actions. “There should be some sense of discipline (sic) in players. Bhaker should feel sorry for creating this controversy. She has a long way to go. She should focus on her game only,” he wrote.

Bhaker made her mark in shooting ranges across the world, winning multiple golds in the ISSF World Cup and Commonwealth Games, besides the top prize at the Youth Olympics last October. She hailed from Goria village in Jhajjar.

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