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PUBG Mobile Apologises For Shutting Out Gamers In India, Healthy Gameplay System Error Fixed

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| March 24 , 2019 , 17:09 IST

There was quite a stir amongst Indian players of Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) when they received health reminder pop-ups on their screens, barring them from playing the popular game. The company on Saturday said it fixed the undisclosed issue.

Earlier, we saw there was an alert on PUBG users phone mentioning the health warning and some play time restrictions.

Though in a recent tweet by PUBG Mobile India official twitter handle we learned that it was not an officially introduced restriction( at the time being). The tweet quoted-

The above tweet by PUBG Mobile India official clearly shows that the playtime restrictions that some of the players got were not intentional. The developers further assured in their tweet that the issue was noticed by them and they are working on a way to resolve it.

It is believed that this issue has only impacted PUBG Mobile gamers in India. The Healthy Gameplay System Error also specified when should the user come back and play the game again. Many users have since posted screenshots of the pop-up shutting them out of the game with a timestamp when they should come back to resume gameplay.

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There was no specific duration post which this pop-up appeared because some PUBG Mobile gamers in India claimed that this happened within 30. minutes of them starting to play the game.

The reason that caused the issue still remained unclear. The users on various social media platforms speculated that either this could be a test feature from the game developers themselves or caused by a software bug or hackers.


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PUBG Mobile has been updated with a new system that aims to encourage players to spend less time on the game. This new Gameplay Management system is live in Indonesia, India, Nepal, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. It will be released in other markets later, in stages. Please come back on next day 5.30AM.” There are no particular ways to Avoid PUBG 6 hour limit but we can change the IP address and play the game. As the game banned in particular regions, the use of a VPN will help you to play the game. So, play it for fun and enjoy the gameplay. During the healthy gameplay system, you can play other games like Subway Surfers ( and part 4 - final touches and building the game.

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