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Get A Closer Look At Jupiter's Great Red Spot!

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| July 13 , 2017 , 14:20 IST

NASA has finally released images taken of Jupiter's Great Red Spot after its unmanned spacecraft Juno completed its probe of the biggest storm on Jupiter which has been raging for the past 350 years. The pictures offer a never-before-seen close-up of the gas giant planet Jupiter. 

The pictures of Jupiter were taken by the 'JunoCam' imager onboard the NASA Juno spacecraft which were then sent NASA mission control.

The Great Red Spot can be seen as a “massive crimson oval,” with a cloud system over it, according to NASA’s press statement.

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“For hundreds of years scientists have been observing, wondering and theorizing about Jupiter’s Great Red Spot,” said Juno's principal investigator Scott Bolton a statement.

“Now we have the best pictures ever of this iconic storm. It will take us some time to analyze all the data from not only JunoCam but Juno’s eight science instruments, to shed some new light on the past, present and future of the Great Red Spot,” he added.

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The Great Spot on Jupiter is of great significance to NASA as the storm has been raging for more than 350 years, although it has been monitored since 1830 only. The Great Red Spot seems to be shrinking but it still remains bigger than planet Earth with a width of 16,350 kilometers.

In the Juno flyby, the spacecraft passed 9,000 kilometers above the clouds of the Great Red Spot. The next flyby Juno will be making over Jupiter is to take place on September 1.

View pictures of the Great Red Spot below: