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In A Bid To Lure Subscribers, Airtel Launches Project Next. Know Details Here!

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| July 10 , 2017 , 17:20 IST
  • India's number one telecom company Airtel has announced that it is set to launch its 'Project Next' which will aim to improve the customer experience even more. This announcement was made by the company's MD and CEO Gopal Vittal at an event in Gurgaon In Haryana on Monday.

The interesting thing about this project is that it allows the customers to carry forward their unused 3G and 4G data to the next month. the data will be added in the next month's billing cycle.

In this data users can accumulate their 3G and 4G data to the next month's billing cycle but the users have to make sure that they are using the same plan next month also so that they can use this offer.

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Airtel will also allow its customers to carry forward the 10 GB data which they are receiving in the Monsoon Offer that the company is giving out.

Another programme that has been introduced by Airtel is the Airtel Secure Programme which will protect your device. Airtel has tied up with various insurance companies to make sure that customers can save their phones from water or liquid damage with the insurance plan starting at Rs 49 only.

People have been waiting eagerly for Airtel to announce the VoLTE services but they still have not made any official announcement regarding that.

Airtel has launched NextGen Airtel stores which will require minimum paperwork and it is being said that they are being designed by Apple designers and they will be using the latest technology that is available.