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China’s News Agency Xinhua Unveils World's First AI Anchor

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| November 10 , 2018 , 14:16 IST

In a major development in the media and communication Industry, China’s state-run news agency Xinhua has introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) anchors to the world, media reported on Friday.

The world's first AI news anchor was jointly developed by the Xinhua and Chinese search engine company Sogou.

The AI anchors can work tirelessly non-stop from anywhere in the country, as claimed in the video.

In the video, Xinhua presented an English-speaking AI anchor said, “Hello everyone, I am an English Artificial Intelligence Anchor. This is my very first day in Xinhua News Agency. My voice and appearance are modeled on Zhang Zhao a real anchor with Xinhua."

"The development of the media industry calls for continuous innovation and deep integration with the international advanced technologies. I’ll work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted. I look forward to bringing you the brand new news experiences," the English-speaking AI anchor added.

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The AI anchor made debut during China’s annual World Internet Conference.

Artificial Intelligence

According to an expert, In less than 50 years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will match humans traits like adaptability, creativity and emotional intelligence.

Speaking at the "Festival of Dangerous Ideas" at University of New South Wales in Sydney, Professor Toby Walsh said AI will match human intelligence by 2062.

"He considers 2062 the year that artificial intelligence will match human intelligence, although a fundamental shift has already occurred in the world as we know it," the university said in a statement.

The key challenge, according to him, will be to avoid the apocalyptic rhetoric of AI and to determine how to move forward in the new age of information.

Recently, search engine, Google has also pledged to give $25 million to launch Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology backed projects to solve societal problems.


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