Missed Supermoon Last Night? Check It Out Here

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| November 15 , 2016 , 11:20 IST
The supermoon on Monday was the closest full moon to Earth since 1948 and another supermoon of this size will be seen only in 2034. According to NASA, the moon’s orbit around Earth is slightly elliptical so sometimes it is closer and sometimes it is farther away. When the moon is full as it makes its closest pass to Earth, it is known as a supermoon. If you missed seeing the supermoon last night, don't worry view pics here:
Chennai Supermoon 1
Chennai Supermoon 2
Chennai Supermoon 3
Chennai Supermoon 4
Cairo (Egypt)
Supermoon From Cairo
Dubai (UAE)
Supermoon From Dubai Image Credits: IANS