In Pics: A School Made Of Trash. Would You Opt To Send Your Kids Here?

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 28 , 2017 , 17:33 IST

At a time when the entire world is struggling through the problems of waste overproduction, a man in Cambodia has made an entire school out of sheer waste. As in actual waste, plastic bottles, cups, old tyres and bottle caps.

This school, entirely made of trash, is the creation of socialist and environmentalist Ouk Vanday, located in the Roneah Village on Koh Dach, Silk Island of Cambodia.

"My initial purpose of creating the school was to give vulnerable children in the village the opportunity to learn English and computer skills because they had never had the chance to do so," Ouk Vanday told a news outlet.

The Coconut School has two main buildings made entirely out of the trash and accommodates more than 200 children and five volunteer teachers. Not only is the school made of trash, it also takes trash as school fee and donation.

Vanday said, “Other people see trash as useless, but for my students, it’s their school fee and what their school is made of. When they can see the benefits, they will learn from this young age not to throw their trash on the streets.”

The children have designed Cambodia’s national flag using just waste plastic bottles. The students have cut plastic bottles into small pieces and painted them into different colors to create a mural of their national flag in a corner of their school.

Since walls and ground tiles are too expensive for a Non-Profit school, they have upholstered the floor with bottle caps and walls with plastic bottles.

Along with the usual curriculum, the school also teaches the students how to aptly minimise the waste production, reuse and recycle waste. They also learn to make innovative things with trash for the school. Vanday tells, it helps explore the children’s creativity and keeps the environment clean.

The children have also built an overhead shelter for some parts of the school ground using used plastic cups. These cups are donated to the school by regional cafes.

They have also used old car tyres into the walls and in children playground.


Now the question is, would you send your kids to this school?