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A 'Newborn' Photoshoot With A Twist: The 'Newborn' Is 21-Years-Old [View Pics!]

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 24 , 2017 , 13:31 IST

One of the most popular photoshoots these days, after wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots, is probably 'newborn' photoshoots and several photographers are known to specialise in photographing the teeny tiny new babies. Family and friends eagerly await the newborn baby photoshoot to get a good glimpse of the brand new baby.

However, one couple did a 'newborn' photoshoot with a twist, their 'newborn' was their 21-year-old son.

Rebecca Hayes and her former boyfriend David Ward had broken up by the time that Clayton was born, so they did not take photos as a family. Later on, both Rebecca and David married other people while maintained cordial co-parents to Clayton. Years later, when they lost their respective spouses, they reconnected, romantically.

As they became a traditional family with the now 21-year-old Clayton, they decided to make up for lost time and asked a friend photographer to conduct a 'newborn' photoshoot with them.

The result has since then gone viral, view pics below:

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