Shootout At Dwarka Mor Metro Station In New Delhi

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| November 21 , 2017 , 14:42 IST

A shootout erupted at Dwarka Mor metro station earlier today. A team of Punjab police along was zeroing in on a gang of carjackers who mostly operate in Punjab and South Delhi.

The carjackers holed up in a building next to Dwarka Mor Metro Pillar number 768 as soon as the police team intercepted them. The shootout begun place when the joint team of Punjab Police and Delhi Police tried to enter the building.

A total of 30 rounds were fired. The police team recovered 12 pistols along with 100 bullets.

Metro train halt at the Dwarka Mor metro station was suspended temporarily because of the ongoing encounter. The services have resumed now.

All 5 carjackers have been arrested. No injuries have been reported.

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