On Air With AIB: It's India's John Oliver And Much More

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| October 31 , 2015 , 12:16 IST
AIB, All India Backchod. On Air With AIB : It's India's John Oliver And Much More If you have seen John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, chances are that you would find 'On Air With AIB' very familiar. The latest presentation from 'All India Bakchod' takes the issues that surround us and outrage about these issues, and give us their humourous, but hard hitting take on it. The pilot episode of the 10-episode series aired on 'Hotstar' couple of days ago and will debut on TV (Star World) on Sunday. The first show featured issues like Vyapam scam, killings (mysterious deaths) of whistleblowers, the many transfers of Ashok Khemka and much more. The show copies the style of 'Last Week Tonight', however it is not all John Oliver. The best thing about 'On Air With AIB' is its Indianness. The decibel levels are higher and some joke are indigenous (and genius). The pilot episode has been shot in both Hindi and English and premiered on Hotstar on Thursday afternoon, both around 23 minutes long. Called 'Why be Good' in English and 'Zaban Sambhalke' in Hindi, the pilot justifies the tagline of the show's title track 'Tragedy mein comedy'. Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya host the English version. while Tanmay Bhat hosts the hindi version with Gursimran Khamba. AIB has promoted the show by making fun of themselves. And the show keeps up with the trend as both the versions begin with making fun of their own platforms. "If you're watching this on Hotstar, it's probably still buffering," and "If you're watching this on TV, and wondering why these two men aren't wearing a salwar kameez, Kapil's show on another channel." Jokes like, "taking away anonymity from the whistleblowers is like taking away Maachis from Chandrachur Singh," and a video showing when Rahul Gandhi used the word 'Brashtachar' (corruption) instead of 'Balatkar' (rape), are just hilarious. They even manage to take a dig at Benjamin Netanyahu. The show also has a spoof video featuring Prakash Raj and an interview conducted by Abish Mathew with the Limca Book world record holder Dr K Padmarajan (who has lost the most elections ever). There are certainly some areas that need improving- the content this week seemed a little stale and the delivery needs to get better. The Hindi version flows much better than the English version, not because of language but because Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba just seem more effortless on camera. Overall, it is a great beginning for the show. AIB are already a star on the World Wide Web and have a devoted following. However, it will be test of both their comic power and the Indian TV audience, when the show airs on TV. Watch the Hindi version of On Air With AIB here, and the English version here.

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