10 Unconventional Roles Of Om Puri On His 65th Birthday [In Pictures]

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| October 18 , 2015 , 16:33 IST
Veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri turns 65 today. Om Puri is an alumnus of premium acting schools of India. He did his graduation from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and then post graduation from National School of Drama (NSD). Om Puri is critic’s favourite, and has been given national award winning performance in many films like 'Ardh Satya' and liked for his worked in Kannada movie A.K. 47. He has been honoured with Padma Shri, the fourth highest award in India. Here’s a look at his much-appreciated roles in the world of acting.
Aakrosh (1980)
He played a role of a victimised tribal in Aakrosh. This film that ran the storyline in flash-back sequences.
Disco Dancer (1982)
Disco Dancer (1982 He played a hard-hitting role of Jimmy's manager in Disco Dancer.
Gandhi (1982)
Gandhi He did highly acclaimed cameo in Richard Attenborough directed Gandhi.
 Ardh Satya (1982)
Ardh Satya He gave outstanding performance in Ardh Satya, was honoured with National Film Award for Best Actor. He played a role of a police inspector who revolts against political complexities, questions the social and cultural norms.
Maachis (1996)
Maachis He played the role of the leader of a cell of Sikh militants in Maachis.
Chachi 420 (1997)
Chachi 420 He was liked for this comedy role against Amrish Puri in Chachi 420.
Gupt (1997)
Gupt He played a cop again in the commercial cinema where he solves an intricate case of murder allegedly done by his stepson (Bobby Deol).
A.K. 47 (1999)
AK 27 Puri as Police officer in the movie became a trend in the late 90s, he did a Kannada movie A.K. 47 which gained huge commercial success. The movie is still remembered for his impactful dialogue delivery.
East is East (1999)
East is east Immediately after A.K. 47, he was offered a British film 'East is East' where he played a role of Pakistani immigrant in England, struggling with his westernised children.
Malamal Weekly (2006)
Malamaal Weekly (2006) A major transition in his career was Malamal Weekly, as he acted against comedy pioneer Paresh Rawal.

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